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Capital City Demolition offers professional concrete cutting services in Texas from San Antonio to Austin, and the communities of New Braunfels, Pflugerville, and beyond. Let's discuss how our services can transform your project.

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Comprehensive Concrete Cutting Solutions in Central Texas

Capital City Demolition provides an extensive selection of concrete cutting services, catering to the varied demands of both commercial ventures and residential undertakings throughout Central Texas. Our offerings, which encompass wall sawing, wire sawing, slab sawing, and more, are designed to accommodate the specific requirements of each project, regardless of its scope. Leveraging advanced precision cutting technology, our skilled team guarantees outcomes that are not only accurate but also achieved with utmost efficiency. This ensures that every project we undertake is executed to the highest standards, facilitating smooth progress towards completion.

Slab Sawing

Ideal for creating flat and level surfaces on floors and pavements, slab sawing is a go-to method for projects requiring precision in horizontal surfaces.

Core Drilling

When it’s necessary to create precise circular openings for plumbing, electrical, and HVAC installations, core drilling is the preferred technique. It’s versatile and can be used on various concrete thicknesses.

Wall Sawing

This method is perfect for creating openings in vertical surfaces or steep inclines, commonly used for doorways, windows, and HVAC channels.

Wire Sawing

For cutting through large sections of concrete, such as bridges or thick walls, wire sawing offers a flexible and efficient solution. It's especially useful in situations where traditional sawing methods are impractical.

Hand Sawing

Hand sawing provides a portable solution for smaller, more intricate cutting tasks that require a personal touch or are located in confined spaces.

Trench Pour Back

After utility work, trench pour back involves cutting precise trenches for utility installation and then refilling them, ensuring the surface is restored to its original state.

By offering such a comprehensive range of concrete cutting services, we are equipped to handle any challenge that arises during the construction process, making us the premier choice for concrete cutting needs in Central Texas. Our commitment to precision, efficiency, and customer satisfaction positions us as a leader in the industry, ready to support the success of both commercial and residential projects.

Why Choose Capital City Demolition for Concrete Cutting Services?

Choosing Capital City Demolition for your concrete cutting and demolition projects means you're teaming up with a company that places the utmost importance on safety, efficiency, and the protection of our environment. Our team is not just skilled in advanced demolition techniques but also deeply committed to sustainable practices, ensuring minimal impact on the ecosystem. With a rich history of successful collaborations with Fortune 500 corporations, commercial real estate developers, and local homeowners alike, we bring a wealth of experience to every project. This breadth of expertise ensures that, regardless of the scale or complexity of your project, it will be managed with the highest level of professionalism and precision. Our dedication to client satisfaction and our ability to adapt to the specific needs of each concrete cutting project make us the trusted choice for those seeking reliable and environmentally responsible concrete cutting services.

Serving Texas’ Major Cities and Beyond for Concrete Cutting

Capital City Demolition offers service operations in San Antonio, Houston, Austin, New Braunfels, Pflugerville, Round Rock, and Wimberley. Our extensive coverage across Central Texas underscores our commitment to fostering the region's growth and enhancing its infrastructure. We're not just about providing top-notch demolition and concrete cutting services; we're about making a positive impact. Our dedication goes beyond the job at hand, aiming to ensure that every project we undertake benefits the local ecosystems and communities. This deep-rooted understanding and respect for Texas and its diverse environments make us unparalleled in our field. Capital City Demolition understands the unique needs and challenges of Texas, making us the go-to partner for projects that demand expert insight and precision for all concrete cutting jobs.

Expertise in Commercial and Residential Demolition

Capital City Demolition is not just about concrete cutting; we offer complete demolition services, land clearing, and brush clearing to prepare sites for future construction. Whether a commercial project or residential land clearing, our team handles every aspect with professionalism and precision. We’re proud to work with Fortune 500 corporations and real estate developers, as well as homeowners and other partners. Take a look at our project gallery to see our most impressive and successful demolition projects.


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